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Commercial Concrete Restoration

Commercial Concrete Restoration

Concrete is a long-lasting product found in many places in and around your city. It’s most likely used to build the foundation of your warehouse, your parking lot, and even the streets you drive daily. Concrete Restoration has always been a tricky topic, mainly because there wasn’t anything on the market for commercial and industrial applications. Today, most concrete is torn out and replaced, substantially costing owners or agencies a lot of money and time. The cost of material, labor, and downtime needed to replace concrete tends to add up fairly quickly and until recently, Concrete Restoration was not a viable option.

Just like most things in life concrete also has a lifespan. This storm drain in San Angelo, TX, was the perfect candidate. The pavement was installed in 1931 and has been in by the city for over 90 years. Unfortunately, the surface was rough, with much of the surface spalling away. Utilizing OXCON Systems, the storm drain was resurfaced, providing a new wearing surface that is strong, durable and a cost-effective strategy for concrete resurfacing and preservation.

Reasons concrete goes bad

Concrete is probably one of the most durable products you can have indoors and out. But even with its durability, all concrete will eventually show wear. Concrete is porous and is susceptible to many things like moisture, temperature, de-icing salts, surface cracks, and exposed aggregates.

  • Freeze/Thaw temperatures can cause cracks from the concrete, causing contracting and expansion.
  • Surface cracks and chips leave the aggregate exposed, causing faster wear.
  • Concrete slabs, including those in large warehouses and distribution centers, can become uneven, resulting in unlevel work surfaces.
  • In colder environments, snow plows and street cleaners can catch and chip the surface and, in some cases, cause damage to the equipment.

Concrete Restoration

Unlike products offered for residential applications, our product is designed for commercial and industrial use. Designed for heavy-duty applications such as city streets, shoulders, taxiways, parking lots, bridge decks, warehouses, and airports, our product is tough. With over 20 years of experience in installation, our Concrete Resurfacer is a proven way to protect and preserve your concrete.

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