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Planet Hollywood

A 330,000 square foot section of a newly poured parking garage at Planet Hollywood was rejected for various unacceptable issues. The challenge was to make this area look consistent with the rest of the project. The expectations were that this parking garage would get extremely high traffic and had multiple sharp turning areas. The solution had to be very durable to hold up to heavy loading and shear.  It also had to be fast – setting because it was indoors and to enable the parking garage to open for business yesterday.


Our product was placed in multiple layers to shield the concrete surface and minimize future deterioration. A heavy broom finish was applied to match the rest of the project. As always, prior to application of the product all areas were properly prepared; shot blasted, grinded, acid etched, power washed with turbo nozzle, chipped out and leveled as needed.


The project was done in 1997and as of 2022; the wearing surface is still in place. The original broom finish is strong and holds up to the daily traffic. Planet Hollywood Is thrilled since it has dramatically out-performed their expectations. 






1330 E 37th St. North | Wichita | KS | 67219

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